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Get to know us.

The Home Guard Band of Stockholm is a military music band operating in Stockholm. The band's goal is to be the meeting place for Stockholm's wind music enthusiasts. The band has a low average age and includes ambitious amateur musicians as well as music teachers, former music soldiers and professional musicians.


The band is tasked with providing the Middle Military Region with music for ceremonies and celebrations, but is also available for assignments for the rest of the armed forces and is approved for state representation at the highest level, also abroad. The band belongs to the Södertörn group and is based at the Haninge garrison in Berga. The band rehearses on Tuesdays 18.30-21.00 in central Stockholm.

The band works actively to preserve and develop Swedish military music traditions. This means that we have a very varied operation where our members can develop as musicians. We perform at parades, symphonic concerts, ceremonies and figurative marching programs. The band play according to Swedish tradition that includes old instruments such as Eb and Bb cornets and valve trombone. The orchestra also works for the preservation of older interpretations.

Photo: Martin Lindor

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Our history

The band was formed after a proposal was raised about a home guard band in the Österhaninge home guard area. The home guard department at Vaxholm defense area and the home guard staff gave their support, and the new band, under the name Home Guard Band of Handen, was able to perform its first rehearsal on September 21, 1973.

The band then changed its name to the Home Guard Band of Haninge, and performed during the 1980s as both the Navy band, the Marine band and the Air Force band. On July 1, 1994, the band withdrew from the Home Guard's organization to eventually adopt the identity as the Sjövärnskårens Musikkår.

During the years 1979-2002, the band was led by Sverker Hållander. The band gained attention at several tattoo shows for its innovative and distinctive figurative program. Several appreciated concerts and performances were also held abroad.


On December 14, 2010, the commander of the Home Guard, Roland Ekenberg, decided that the corps would be adopted as a home guard band after being approved during inspections by the Music Inspector of the Life Guard. In 2011, the band got the identity as the Home Guard Band of Södertörn. Today, the band belongs to the Södertörn Home Guard Battalion (29 Hemvärnsbataljonen) and the Södertörns Group, which is part of the first Marine Regiment in Berga.

In 2023, the band changed its name to the Home Guard Band of Stockholm, to better reflect the place of operation.

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