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Our management

The management of the band consists of the commander and deputy commander. Their job is both to lead the band's operational work as well as working strategically to develop the band. It is also the band commander who appoints the other leadership functions.

The artistic responsibility of the band lays with the conductor, who is musically and artistically responsible, and the drum major, who is responsible for drills and figurative marching program. It is also the drum major who is the band leader in the parade.


In addition to these roles, the band management also includes quartermaster, music librarian and deputy conductor.

Sara Fristedt


Sara har varit musikkårens chef sedan 2019 och spelar även valthorn

John Karlsson

Stf musikkårschef

John har varit musikkårens ställföreträdande chef sedan 2020 och spelar även klarinett

Felix Bagge


Felix har varit musikkårens dirigent sedan 2019

Erik Dahlström


Erik har varit musikkårens hemvärnstrumslagare sedan 2018 och spelar även klarinett

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